XARA® - The NORKA lighting control system

XARA® lighting control system, by NORKA, represents the possibility to realise smart lighting control in extreme ambient conditions. Similar to our luminaires, the XARA® components are also design with a special focus on durability and reliability and are used in the same difficult ambient conditions: High protection rating, vibration resistant and impact resistant – the perfect extension to NORKA. Robust and smart.


NORKA luminaires are characterised by their robustness and durability. The following luminaires meet all requirements for integration of a light and motion sensor:

Lighting control system

The XARA® lighting control system can be connected by cable, wirelessly with wireless components, or in combination. The XARA® lighting control system basically differentiates between decentralised and centralised lighting control systems.

Decentralised light control functionality is limited to essential features, for example daylight, motion or time based control. Therefore decentralised lighting control is particularly well suited to small and medium-sized systems.

Centralised light control system comprises more: From control based on sensors and time to energy monitoring and surveillance of the components to remote maintenance and automatic information via e-mail in case of malfunction. This kind of control system provides a high level of functionality and flexibility and is therefore particularly well suited to large, complex systems.


XARA® sensors can be integrated directly in a selection of NORKA luminaires, or can be installed in a separate IP65 housing. This way the sensor always can be placed in an optimal way: for example integrated in a luminaire for autonomous control or in a separate housing to be placed in particularly critical or sensitive areas. The separate position allows to retrofit existing lighting systems. Possible sensor interface are DALI, 1 – 10 V, Relay contact or Modbus RTU.

Integrated optimally: Luminaire and sensor are forming a whole and can be used in difficult ambient conditions.

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XARA® the NORKA lighting control system


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