Rapdex - Rapid Driver Exchange



Future-proof lighting with quick-change protective tube reflectors and LED drivers saves both time and money.  
There are many advantages to efficient LEDs and drivers, such as energy savings and simple control options, but their inner workings are more complex than conventional luminaires. Although it used to be expected that inductors could last almost indefinitely, nowadays even the most high-quality LED driver needs to be replaced at some point. The built-in LEDs also have a limited lifespan.

In many cases, the driver and LEDs must be replaced after 50,000 hours while the luminaire housing is still in perfectly good order. Be sustainable: change the ballast, keep using the same luminaire!

RAPDEX allows drivers to be replaced quickly and easily at the end of their service life. Luminaires can be left in situ as the drivers are fitted with a simple plug connector, allowing effortless replacement on the fly.
The advantage to this: luminaires do not need to be dismantled or reinstalled, which reduces maintenance times. With a new LED protective tube reflector, your luminaire is once again state-of-the-art and ready to take on the next 50,000 hours. Many NORKA linear luminaires are already optionally available with RAPDEX. 

The driver is extremely easy to replace in just a few steps, which saves time.

The driver is extremely easy to replace in just a few steps, which saves time.

Product families available with RAPID DRIVER EXCHANGE:

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