MELBOURNE - Luminaires for recessed mounting and installation

Surface-mounted ceiling luminaire for T5 fluorescent lamps, twin or triple lamp. Usable for general industrial lighting in logistics centres and industrial halls with strict requirements for short mounting and maintenance times. Suitable for replacing highbay luminaires with high-pressure discharge lamps up to 400 W.

Weatherproof luminaire housing made from fibreglass-reinforced polymer,like RAL 9010. Unrestricted use for indoor and outdoor areas according to IP 65. Thermally separated lamp chamber and transformer chamber. Short sealing system consisting of non-ageing, form-retaining silicone/synthetic rubber.
Independent reflector tubes that can be swivelled, made from PC (fracture-proof) or PMMA with internal aluminium reflector (MIRO-SILVER®). Reflector tube can be locked in steps of 10°. Cross louvre and VDU louvre available.

Luminaire ready for mounting and connection. Integrated industrial ECG. 5 × 2.5 mm² through-wiring.
Single or continuous row mounting. Ceiling mounting by two stainless steel mounting clips; variable mounting distance. Captive end caps. Quick connection thanks to LUCON®-luminaire connection system. Quick maintenance thanks to NORKA RAPID SYSTEM with lamp guide.

Subject to technical changes without prior notice.


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L/W/H (mm)
Ambient temp..
Article no.
2 x 54 W, PMMA, clear, medium beam 1210/431/202 -15°C bis 35°C 69147001-2x203900
2 x 54 W, PMMA, clear, concentrated wide beam 1210/433/203 -15°C bis 35°C 69147001-2x203902
2 x 54 W, PMMA, clear, narrow beam 1210/431/202 -15°C bis 35°C 69147001-2x203950
2 x 54 W, PMMA, clear, concentrated beam 1210/433/203 -15°C bis 35°C 69147001-2x203970
2 x 80 W, PMMA, clear, concentrated wide beam 1510/433/203 -15°C bis 35°C 69167001-2x203903
2 x 80 W, PMMA, clear, narrow beam 1510/431/202 -15°C bis 35°C 69167001-2x203951
2 x 80 W, PMMA, clear, concentrated beam 1510/433/203 -15°C bis 35°C 69167001-2x203971
2 x 80 W + 1 x 54 W, Industrie-EVG, without, narrow beam 1510/388/181 -15°C bis 35°C 69267001-2x203951-203950
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