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Clothes make the man

NORKA website in a new outfit – and more….

Only show and no substance?  No, it’s not only a new painting, it’s more: Until September 2015 NORKA’s website has been completely rewritten in the background. Okay, step by step:


Brave old world: In the early days of World Wide Web we only got Linux or Windows based PCs with one browser. It became a bit intricate with different resolutions, uncountable versions on different operating systems and big companies competing with each other whose browser would have been the best – unfortunately not compatible with each other.

And all of a sudden Apple introduced the first (real) smartphone, followed by a tablet-pc - the rest is history. Many bigger websites offered a desktop version, a smartphone and one for tablet computers – a huge amount work of developing, testing and maintaining a complex website.

In 2010 Ethan Marcotte came up with a new technique called Responsive Design. The attempt was to react to different resolutions. In contrast to the traditional attempt of developing three different versions for each device you just need one single page, which looks fine on all devices and even works in a better and more intuitive way.

And you? Well, you are already part of this experience. The new NORKA website has been designed entirely in a responsive way and should work perfect on all modern devices and browsers. As well: We designed the page in a way which is close to our print brochures and catalogues, which makes it easier for everyone to orientate and navigate throughout the site. 


A nice new look, but what’s your advantage? Well, a lot: Less development time means more time for useful new tools and functions for your productivity:

  • New landing page
  • Professional search
  • Improved luminaires folder
  • many more….

The new landing page shows three important news items. The new professional search gives you lots of attributes to search for.

The new and improved luminaires folder is THE new tool for sales representatives and lighting designer. After logging into the site the new tool will be found under Products -> Luminaires folder. This new tool is very powerful, but you have to register before using it because all data will be stored into your personal account. These are the new features:

  • Unlimited number of different folders for different projects
  • Individual project description
  • Add PDF documents and pictures
  • Import RELUX luminaire list 
  • Calculation summary

First of all you are able to store as many luminaire folders as want, i.e. for different projects. They are all connected to your account, so everything will be stored within. Any folder/project can be described with a short and a detailed rich-text description. Feel free to add a project image and an existing PDF to enrich the document. If you already had a planning inside RELUX, you are able to import this MS Excel based luminaire list into our luminaire folder tool. Registered NORKA sales representatives will even see a price based calculation summary at the end of the document. 

Finally you got a little brochure in perfect NORKA CD, ready to print or to send away vial email. 

What else?

As said: Print and web are getting closer – and not only visually: Detailed information about product families like ERFURT LED with text and images are getting into the web now. All variations inside a product family are clearly represented now with their most import facts for each column.

That’s all? No, there is much more but NORKA’s new webpage will probably never be finished but improve every day.

We stick to it

Jens Heinrich

Team leader, Digital Media, NORKA

P.S.: Any ideas / requests? Let us know – we’ll listen!

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