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The adjustable LED units give you full control for light alignment: In order for light to shine right where you need it, the LED units of LONDON LED and DUBLIN LED can be tilted into place in 10° steps without using tools.

Schwenkbarkeit DUBLIN LEDLONDON LED breitstrahlendLONDON LED schraegstrahlend

Economic and sustainable
Save energy and money with LED luminaires. Equipped with LED units that are similar to fluorescent lamps in appearance, LONDON LED and DUBLIN LED need 40% less energy than comparable conventional luminaires. 
The separately available LED units can be replaced easily due to a plug connection with reverse polarity protection. The driver is also replaceable.

Underground station, Hamburg

The aluminium housing can be mounted to the NORKA trunking system, as well as false and panel ceilings. Luminaires, blind covers and other media like camera systems, sensors or speakers can be integrated into various environments in an optically harmonious manner. LONDON LED and DUBLIN LED are available in two lengths: m1200 and m1500.

LONDON LED and DUBLIN LED are highly durable when it comes to ambient temperature: L80 B10 > 50,000 h at -25°C to +40°C. Long lasting and reliable, even in case of high temperatures.

The corrosion-resistant aluminium housing protects the interior components of LONDON LED and DUBLIN LED, even in difficult environmental conditions. Optionally available as a versions that is particularly resistant to chlorine for swimming halls or a ball impact resistant versions for sports facilities and multi-function buildings. Further areas of application include underground and metro stations, underpasses, car parks and covered traffic areas.  Both luminaires are optionally available with a lock against unauthorised opening.

Public swimming pool, Munich

At a glance


  • Available in two lengths (m1200, m1500)
  • Replaceable LED unit made of PMMA Transopal® with plug connecter with reverse polarity protection
  • LED unit can be tilted in 10° steps
  • Luminaire housing made of anodised aluminium
  • Captive cover screen in clear PMMA or PC (fracture proof) with a closure that requires no tools
  • IP 65
  • Colour temprature 4000K
  • Protection class II
  • L80 B10 > 50.000h
  • - 25°C bis + 40°C
  • 2 kV transient protection
  • 4 x 1,5 mm² through wiring 
  • Ball impact resistant version optional
  • Version for swimming pools optional
  • Optionally secured against unauthorised opening
  • Individual mounting. Optional continuous row version or NORKA trunking system mouting.


  • Underground and metro stations
  • Pedestrian tunnels, passages
  • Multi-storey car parks/covered traffic areas
  • Swimming halls
  • Sports or multi-purpose halls

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