For seventy years NORKA has been a recognised supplier of technical lighting for difficult operating conditions.

Mr Walter Stäcker founded the company in 1948. The first products were cable and junction boxes for electrical installations. This was followed by water and dust-proof luminaires for fluorescent lamps according to the principle of a short seal.

Today the range of products consists of about 4000 standard luminaires for a wide variety of operational areas. Beyond that, special products for specific applications have been, and will continue to be, developed according to customer requirements.

The administration including the commercial department as well as sales and distribution, IT and development is based in Hamburg, whereas the production takes place exclusively in the factory in Dörverden-Hülsen, approximately 150 kilometres from Hamburg.

We count flexibility, short reaction times as well as professional customer service to our strengths. Meeting customers’ expectations and requirements is our aim and purpose of our work. Thanks to the vast experience of our employees and to our deep vertical range of manufacture, we are able to respond quickly to specific requirements and to create tailor-made solutions for the most challenging operational areas.

Continually dealing with extreme environmental conditions has had a lasting effect on the quality consciousness of our employees. At NORKA special solutions are the rule, not the exception.


NORKA factoryThe continual increase in CO2 emissions worldwide places ever greater demands on the energy efficiency of products. This issue has been the centre of our attention of product development since business 

formation. All products are developed for the purpose of total cost of ownership (TCO). Even if the initial investment is slightly more expensive, the total costs incurred by the owner over the entire life of a product are minimised.

The robustness of NORKA luminaires is legendary: in many plants NORKA products operate even after 40 years or more.  NORKA products stand for a safe investment; spare parts will still be available decades later.

Our close cooperation with suppliers, institutes and universities ensures that our products reach the highest technical standard which we continuously strive to improve.

We constantly enhance the installation and maintenance friendliness of our products by performing extensive tests with users. Our integrated NORKA control system, certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, guarantees the transparency of company processes and their permanent optimisation.

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